Should I arrive ahead of time?

Yes! Arriving 15 minutes before your first visit is necessary to give time to orient you to Tsubo. For future visits, 10 minutes is ideal to allow time to relax and prepare your body for the work.


Do I need to fully disrobe?

No! Your comfort is the most important part of receiving and excellent service. It is not necessary to be fully undressed to receive massage. We do use oils and creams as a part of the standard massage, and draping is always employed.

What if I am pregnant, can I still come in?

We love to work with expecting mothers. When booking please provide this information and how far along your pregnancy is so we can acomodate your changing body. Pregnancy Massage is tailored to the demands and sensitivities of the expecting mom. We take special care to give you and your growing baby a safe enjoyable massage.

What if I have an health issues, an allergy, or am dealing with cancer?

We are so grateful to support all our clients unique health concerns. Each condition has different requirements and considerations for massage. Information given at the time of booking will ensure the most appropriate and safest possible session. We are eager to talk with any wellness provider that is a part of a support team.

What happens if I am late?

We will happily fulfill the remaining time and if the schedule allows expand into a vacant spot. We will do our best to keep our schedule on time to respect all appointments.