Every body matters.


Your life requires movement, flexibility and presence. Pain and discomfort drain your vitality, rob you of your freedom. Modern medicine's answer is cumbersome. When it is time to take your wellness into your own hands, Tsubo Integrative Wellness has your back, legs, arms, body and soul.


When is it your turn?

Thank you Tsubo! I loved my massage and my hour of heaven this week. I have a 5 week old and this was mom’s first alone time excursion.

— Debbie, New Mom
I wanted to let you know that my massage with Chyrel was amazing. She did a great job and I’ll definitely book with her again.
— D.J on her birthday
Had my massage Wednesday. Experience told me feeling better would be 24 hours away. And that held true. Experience also tells me the relief of massage is good but temporary. The relief this time is lasting longer than usual.
Hats off to Francine!
— Robert a Golfer
I’ve gotten quite a few massages from different company’s but by far, TSUBO has been the best. I won’t go anywhere else now. I’ve gotten massages from a few people at TSUBO and all were excellent! I highly recommend. My knots are finally relieved.
— J.W.

Special Package

Have you tried massage and found it helped, but you needed more?  Has the limitations of your time, flexibility and funds kept your body in a chronic pain cycle?

Suffer no longer. Now for a limited time, Tsubo Integrative Wellness is giving $50.00 off a purchase of Four one-hour massages.  Our professional body workers specialize in recognizing and treating stuck and habitual tissue. We know the rapid results that come from focused massage.

Give your body a chance to heal in its most direct and peaceful way. Try giving yourself the space you need to feel better.